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How Do I Choose the Best Unlimited Internet Plan?
November 2019

Broadband unlimited plans save you from a lot of hassles and inconvenience that are commonplace with a limited broadband plans. You no longer need to worry about remaining data for the month. Also, you don’t have to keep a check on your usage at all times, or feel guilty when you abort an activity due to no or insufficient data.

Imagine you are in the middle of an important Skype/video call with your boss or a client, the call gets disconnected abruptly, and you get a message saying you have exceeded your quota for broadband data for the day or the month. Obviously, you will feel bad about losing your face with them. Or, let’s suppose you are playing a game online with your gamer friends and go out of data while still in the action. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking for you?

With an unlimited Hathway broadband data plans, you can avoid such unpleasant experiences from taking place. Plus, you also don’t feel guilty about watching a movie in high-definition or downloading high-res music videos.

Hathway Broadband offers various unlimited broadband data plans at different data speeds to its customers in key metros and cities across India. You can browse through broadband plans available in your area on the Hathway website and decide on one that fits the bill.

That said, there’s an even better way to do it. You Take it upon yourself to decide the right broadband speed for you! Who does possibly know you better than you yourself ? Well, nobody, so without ado, let’s get to it.

To decide on the right unlimited broadband data plans, first, think of all reasons you and others in your home or flat, would like to connect to the internet via your Hathway Broadband Connection. Once you do that, you can figure out the amount of data that you require on average every month.

Now let’s get to calculate the speed you need for a seamless broadband experience. And for that, you must be aware of what broadband connections you have. Broadly, there are three types: light users, average users, and heavy users. The following information can help you figure out which one you belong to and hence, the right speeds for you.

Light Broadband Users

You are a light broadband user if use your broadband internet for basic tasks. You use it mostly for checking/sending emails, scrolling your social media feeds, putting out updates, stream/upload/download movies and photos once in a while.

You don’t have problems switching to low-res data settings or waiting for a couple hours for files to download. Also, there are only few members in your family/flat who, more or less, have the same usage pattern.

Average Broadband Users

You know you are an average user if you do a little bit of everything, video streaming, live gaming, downloading, coding, etc. You demand a little more from your broadband connection in terms of internet speed and data. Aside from basic tasks, as described above, you do a lot of high-definition downloading, streaming and uploading of data and you want to do it faster, much faster than 4G speeds on your Smartphone.

Heavy Broadband Users

You are a heavy broadband user if you are a ‘pro’ in the truest sense. You live and breathe off the internet, you just can’t live without a high-speed broadband internet connection. You don’t even know what slow internet speeds feel like, nor do you have any curiosity about those.

As a heavy-user, the things you do on the internet require unlimited broadband data at ultra-fast data speeds. You do a lot of HD live gaming, you stream and download video content in 4K/Full HD resolution, you love binging video content on popular on-demand video apps, such as Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Hulu, and Zee5, or you spend hours doing live coding and work-related tasks that require high speed broadband connections everyday.

We believe you now have a rough idea of the kind of broadband user you are and also, of the right unlimited broadband connection for you. If this isn’t enough to clear your doubts, you can always contact your local Hathway office and seek help from our experts. Happy surfing!

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How do I decide on the right broadband speed?
November 2019

To get the best out of your Hathway Broadband connection, the first thing you need to do is to decide on a broadband plans. A plan that’s right for you and that doesn’t burn holes in your pockets while giving you enough broadband data and speed to have an awesome broadband experience.

That said; while we all realize all that, most of us fail to get another very crucial thing right. The right broadband data plans let’s help you with that.

To zero in on the right broadband speed for your Hathway Broadband, you will need to keep a few factors in mind: what’s your purpose to use a broadband connection, how much data you require in a month on average, and how many users would connect to the internet via broadband internet at a time, and what their peak activity hours are. Once you have a rough idea of the number of average users, key activities and peak hours, you can evaluate your broadband needs easily.

Honestly, you can go ahead with any Hathway unlimited broadband plans if you are planning to use your connection for basic tasks, such as emailing, surfing the web, and occasional streaming, downloading and uploading videos. Or even if multiple users will connect to the internet for such basic tasks, simultaneously.

However, you need a high-speed unlimited broadband connection when you plan to do heavy-duty tasks, such as streaming, downloading and uploading 4K and HD video content, HD live gaming, and live coding for hours on end. This holds true even when there are multiple users connecting to the internet at the same time and do more than basic internet tasks. Simply put, the greater the number of users, the more broadband speed you need for a pleasant Hathway broadband experience.

Most users don’t know how much data and minimum data speed a particular online activity requires on a monthly basis. So, you need to keep that in your mind as well, while deciding the right speed for you. You can easily find that information on the web and calculate your broadband data speed need accordingly.

How did you like this information? Please share your feedback below. Also, do ask us things you would like to know more about. Happy surfing!

How do I choose the best Wi-Fi router for myself?
November 2019

For most of us, choosing a broadband wifi router is a no-brainer, we usually go with the one that falls within our budget. For many, all internet wifi router regardless of their shape, size and technology offer the same value and buy the ones that our pocket allows. And this strategy has served well them fairly well so far.

However, in the last few years, new trends like online HD gaming, 4K streaming, increased connected home devices at homes, increased Smartphone capabilities, and an increased number of Smartphone’s per home have made our good old broadband router out of the league.

They can't go beyond capabilities they had been designed for and have already been pushed to their limits. So, this new wave of heavy users, pro’s as they are known, is bound to have underwhelming broadband experiences due to the limited capabilities of their existing routers. They should clearly be looking for a better upgrade.

If you are facing similar issues with your broadband router, before you decide on an upgrade, here are a few things to consider:

What speed do you really need?

Today far too many devices are connecting to the internet wirelessly at the same time in a home, shop, or workplace, requiring the broadband wifi router to carry loads of data to and from smartphones and computers. This is a bit overwhelming for your fairly old router that still runs on years old technology.

The result: you experience annoyingly long buffering and stuttering while doing regular stuff, such as streaming HD videos, live gaming, and web surfing. Mostly, you tend to blame the slow broadband speeds when you go through similar experiences and miss the real culprit. The outdated broadband wifi router.

If you are experiencing the same problem with your current router, you need to upgrade it. And to do that, first you need to decide on the right broadband speed for you. Only then you can pick the one you need:

Go for an802.11nrouter

802.11n routers came long after the 802.11g/a router, which were way slower and could support up to 56mbps data speed. Typically, 802.11n routers can support up to 600mbps speeds and are good for most use cases, barring the data-intensive applications, such as, 4K streaming, live gaming and live coding, video calling and multiple users.

If you use your internet for regular tasks, emailing, surfing, HD streaming and you only have a few users connecting to it simultaneously, an 802.11n rated router is what you need.

Go for an 802.11ac router

The recent advancements in broadband technology have enabled humans to achieve Gigabit speeds. This had left a huge gap when it comes to our broadband wifi capabilities that couldn't support these ultra-fast speeds. But, that’s no longer the case, a new breed of routers that can support very high-speeds up to a few Gbps are now available for masses: An 802.11ac or Gigabit router, as they are popularly known.

These are the ones you should go for if you have a high-speed broadband internet and do a lot of 4K streaming, live gaming, live coding and such data-intensive tasks, and also when there are multiple devices connecting to the internet wirelessly at the same time. Or, if you are, at least, planning to do the above in the near future, when high-speed broadband are available in your region.

That said, keep in mind when you have a broadband connection that offers up to a few hundred Mbps speeds and you don't plan to upgrade it anytime soon, you don’t need an ultra-fast Gigabit router, an 802.11n will do the job. Not only it is underwhelming for a Gigabit router, it will also save you money as well.

What's the extendibility or range you are looking at?

The second most important aspect you should be looking is extendibility. If you want to cover a large expanse of area with Wi-Fi connectivity and want to ensure seamless broadband experience at every corner of your home, you will need more than one Wi-Fi device.

Typically, a Wi-Fi router can cover a few square feet, meaning a few rooms, as you go away from it the signal strength starts depleting or become inconsistent. Most likely, you have already experienced Wi-Fi dead zones inside your home or workplace where it's hard to connect via broadband wifi. You did everything, tried different locations, but to no help.

In such cases, you need multiple routers which can offer you seamless Wi-Fi connectivity in and about your home, covering all areas where you like to connect to the internet. This requires special broadband router with Mesh Technology that allows them to connect with other mesh routers and share a broadband connection simultaneously. These are popularly known as Mesh Routers or Routers with Mesh Technology.

If you have a large area to cover and need high-speed broadband internet connection at every corner of your house or office, Mesh Routers are for you. Moreover, these often come with Gigabit speed support and capabilities so you don’t have to suffer on that front. Plus, you get greater mobility.

What's style and size you prefer?

One equally important, however, largely ignored aspect of buying a new Wi-Fi router is the design aesthetics and size of router. Since your Wifi router is part of the décor of your interiors, you may like to consider its appearance alongside the technical capabilities.

There are various theme-based designs available in the market at present that go with different user personalities – you’ll find plenty of options if you are heavily invested in gaming. Also, if you have got a palate for finer things in life, you may like to go with the expensive cool-looking ones out there.

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What broadband speed is right for streaming movies?
November 2019

Any broadband internet speed really! All Hathway Broadband plans are good enough for streaming video content. You can choose any broadband plans and start streaming and downloading videos immediately with no difficulty whatsoever.

If you don’t usually download and stream HD or higher resolutions video content on Videos-On-Demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Zee5, and Hotstar, you will be able to do that seamlessly with a broadband plan that offers just enough speed.

Thanks to the advancement in digital technologies, these platforms can deliver high-quality content without exhausting too much data. For instance, if you have a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, you know you can choose from multiple playback settings to manage your data. The higher the content quality you set it to, the more data you burn every hour ranging from somewhere around 0.3GB per hour to 7GB or more per hour.

So, for small-screen devices, such as smartphones and laptops, you can manage with data saving and standard modes as these don’t need to burn a large amount of data every hour. But when you want to stream Netflix on a bigger screen, such as that of your smart TV that supports FHD or higher resolutions, you need to switch to a high-definition mode or other higher modes or the pictures will appear pixilated.

Therefore, if you ask us what broadband connection you need to stream movies and videos online seamlessly, our answer is: It depends on what devices you wish to stream on, what video quality you prefer, how much data your broadband plan allows you, and how many users will connect to the internet via broadband and for what purposes.

Let’s make it simpler for you. The following are the different use cases/scenarios. Bear in mind that these classify usage of a single user and doesn’t take into consideration multiple users that connect to the internet through your broadband internet simultaneously or other purposes you use your broadband for.

1. You stream a few movies every week

If you like to stream videos for up to 25 hours every week, and that too, on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, choose a hathway broadband plans that suits this requirement. You can stream videos, movies, showing standard and HD quality without any difficulty.

2. You like to binge on weekends/week-offs

If you like to binge videos for hours on end during weekends and week-offs, you need a broadband plan that gives you ample data and speed for steaming in standard or HD quality.

3. You like to binge every day

If you are a serious movie and TV-series buff and like to be on top of the latest and hottest content on popular VOD platforms, 1mbps internet plans aren’t enough for a seamless broadband experience. Go for a Hathway unlimited broadband data plan that offers high-speed data every month.

4. You like to binge on bigger high-definition screens

If you love big screens and like to stream your favorite movies and shows on VOD platforms/digital cable TV on those, you need your broadband connection that delivers superior broadband data speeds. That said, since you do not use your broadband for only streaming videos and like to do much more on the internet, be advised to keep in mind the other major purposes you use your broadband for and also, how much bandwidth those required. Did you find the information helpful? Let us know in the comments.

Which is better, a Wi-Fi connection or a broadband?
November 2019

In this day and age when you feel the need to stay connected to the internet at all times, one question keeps coming to mind: what’s the best way to do it? A wifi connection or a broadband?

We assume you have already asked this question to yourself so many times before. Probably, every time when you needed a new broadband connection or felt the need to upgrade the existing one. And it’s clear that you haven’t figured it out yet. Isn’t it why you are here in the first place?

So, without ado, let’s address the elephant in the room and get a definite answer. For this, you need to know what the difference between the two is. Is it just in the way you connect through a wire or without it, or is there more to it? Is it the technology? The equipment? The medium? Or is there more?

But first, what’s a Wi-Fi?

Going by the books, internet wifi technology uses radio signals and frequencies to transfer data and hence, doesn’t require wires. It typically makes use of cellular radio frequencies or 802.11 Wireless Ethernet technologies. Do you still confuse a Wi-Fi connection with a Wi-Fi router? Well, let us assure you both are different.

As the name suggests, a broadband wifi connection doesn’t require a physical connection between a sender and a receiver. An access point (AP) transmits signals, which nearby computers and mobile devices with in-built mobile network adapters could tune in to, to access the web.

What’s a broadband connection?

Your broadband connection lets your device connect to a high-speed internet connection with or without wires. Yes, you heard it right, a broadband connection doesn’t necessarily need wires!

There are various types of wired broadband available, namely, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), Cable Modem, Fiber Optic, and EFM (Ethernet First Mile). Each type has its own advantages and limitations. Typically, you have a dedicated LAN, cable, optical fiber, or a dial-up connection via telephone wire that connects to your devices physically, offering high-speed internet.

So now that you know a few things about both, let’s tell you which one is better.

Wi-Fi vs Broadband

Seemingly, Wi-Fi technology offers much more convenience than broadband internet the way it allows you to connect to the internet via multiple devices simultaneously, even on the move.

Convenient, although it is, you can only connect to the web within a small area, a room or small office, typically, a few square meters. Moreover, even with the improved data speed of a Wi-Fi connection over the years, it’s still far behind the data speeds a high-speed broadband connection can offer you.

On the contrary, broadband connections directly connect to your stationary devices offering faster internet speeds with greater consistency. However, you would still need a internet wifi router to get broadband connectivity on your mobile devices. All you gotta do is couple your broadband connection with a good quality Wi-Fi router.

One more downside of a Wi-Fi connection is that it is susceptible to interference while a broadband is largely impervious, until the physical connection is damaged. Also, you can connect to the internet through a broadband cable anytime, while with a Wi-Fi, you usually have a modem, router, hotspot that need powering on for the connection to work.

It’s likely that you share your Wi-Fi connection with other users, who may connect to the internet, simultaneously, affecting its performance and speed. Typically, telecommunication service providers offer Wi-Fi access to the internet through portable modems, Wi-Fi/USB dongles as you know it. These either connect directly to the computer through a USB connection or work like a Wi-Fi hotspot, which lets you access the web wirelessly through a device. As for broadband, you don’t require a router/modem at all.

So, in a nutshell, here are a few advantages, a Wi-Fi connection has over a broadband:

1. You can connect to multiple devices at a time, provided you are within its range.

2. You can connect anywhere within the range of the hotspot/dongle, depending upon your service provider.

3. It’s often cheaper than a broadband connection.

Now, here’s why a broadband connection is a better choice for you:

1. It offers you far superior speeds than a Wi-Fi connection ever will, you usually get a large amount of data every month that allows you to download large files faster.

2. With an unlimited plan, there is practically no limit to what you can do online. With a speedy connection, you can do any heavy-duty task, such as, 4K streaming, live gaming and live coding without any stuttering whatsoever.

3. Broadband connections are far more secure and consistent than Wi-Fi connections.

4. Plus, you can always connect it to a Wi-Fi router to enjoy high-speed wireless internet connectivity on your mobile and computer devices at the same time.

5. Given the superior speed and considerably large amount of data you get on a broadband connection every month, it’s rather affordable. The only downside is that you can only connect a limited number of devices physically as specified in your broadband plan.

6. Hathway Offers you a Wi-Fi router bundled with your broadband connection so you have no problem connecting to your smart devices wirelessly, without having to endure comparably much slower Wi-Fi connections.

The Winner

Clearly, both types of broadband connection have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, given the vast amount of data, higher speeds and superior security you enjoy with a broadband connection, you are more likely to go for it. You can get Wi-Fi connectivity with the free Wi-Fi router, anyway. So why do you have to compromise on things that matter: speed, security and data, a lot of data, actually?

Tell us what you prefer still, a rather slow and less secure Wi-Fi connection or a faster, more secure broadband connection. Leave your comments below.

Discover the Right Router for a Smooth Gaming Experience
December 2019

Are you a gamer and want to boost your gaming experience? Did you know that if you choose the best routers for streaming and gaming purposes, you can have a much better gaming adventure? There are a few differences between regular routers and gaming routers in terms of their Quality of Service (QoS) features.

All types of the broadband routers have QoS features, but in the best gaming router, the QoS feature prioritizes the incoming traffic for your game over your other internet activities. This prioritization boosts gaming performance, reduces lag time and buffering.

Apart from a well-designed Qos feature, here are some other features you should consider when choosing the best router for gaming:

  • Gigabit Ethernet Port: Choose an Ethernet connection over Wifi to avoid delays in your gaming performance. Always look for a gaming router with Ethernet Ports that can handle speed up to 25 MB/s.
  • Dual-Band Support: Use a wireless AC router with a bandwidth of 5GHz, which is more reliable and faster when compared to the routers with 2.4 GHz bandwidth. There is a drawback, as the wireless AC router does have a shorter range, but if you keep your gaming system close to your router, you can overcome this problem with ease.
  • High-Bandwidth Range: Most router for gaming and streaming purposes also support tri-band wireless networking. Choose for a tri-band gaming router that adds a second 5GHz band for faster torrent downloads, better video streaming, and more vivid gaming experience.

How to configure your gaming router?

Once you have bought the best router for gaming, the next step is to configure its settings so that the gaming traffic gets priority. All you need to do is prioritize the usage of incoming data based on online activities, for instance, video streaming and gaming or IP/MAC address. When your device connects to the internet, the router receives the MAC or IP address and accordingly diverts the incoming data to your device.

The best router for streaming and gaming also allows you to combine the prioritization methods. For instance, you can prioritize the network based on IP address and service to avoid lag time in gaming traffic.

Is a Gaming Router Worth the Money?

If you are a keen fan of gaming, then you might be considering choosing a specialized router. However, while features such as QoS tools and network prioritization, Gigabit Ethernet Ports, higher bandwidth and a powerful processor are found in gaming routers, they are not exclusive to them. Other best home broadband routers also provide gaming routers. High-end broadband routers including wifi router for Hathway broadband have similar features as any of the best gaming router. Therefore, you should make a wise comparison between a gaming router and other high-end routers before purchasing a gaming router.

How does fiber optical technology impact your broadband speed?
December 2019

When life is moving at full speed why should your internet lag behind? A high speed broadband connection is all you need to scroll through your social media feeds, for a non-stop streaming of your favourite Netflix shows, gaming, and for many other day-to-day online activities. With fiber-optic broadband, you can get a fast internet connection and do whatever you like online, but much faster.

Here’s why you should opt for fiber optic internet connection to get a high-speed internet connection

  • Faster transmission of information:

    Information and data in fiber cables are transmitted at the speed of light. The cables can transfer more data quicker than the traditional copper lines, which were earlier used for transmitting voice data.

  • No difference in the uploading and downloading speed:

    Fibernet broadband connection gives you a faster and more balanced download and upload speed. You can easily stream HD videos and play games with the fiber broadband connectivity. Whether at home or work, the fiber optic internet connection will ensure that there is no lag time, and you can check off every task on your digital ‘to do’ list. You can easily multi-task by downloading and uploading data at the same time.

  • Stability of connection:

    Regardless of where you are located and how far you are from a major city point, the Fiber optic broadband offers a stable connection over long distances. The Fiber optic broadband is more stable than alternatives in the market and is unaffected by water or changes in temperature. So your high speed broadband connection will be ready when you are.

  • No delay in the connection:

    With fiber optic internet, everything happens at lightning speed. There are hardly any delays in the transfer of data after you have clicked the mouse or tapped the screen. The balanced download and upload speed further reduce the lag time in your internet connection so that you can download as fast as you upload.

  • Better access to cloud technology:

    Another major benefit of a fiber optic network is fast and easy access to large data stored in the cloud. Whether you want to share movies, pictures or even office data, with fibernet broadband connection you can access your data from the cloud anytime and without any trouble.

  • No relation to the cable size:

    The best part about fiber-optic cables is that the speed of the internet does not depend upon the weight of the cables. In case of copper cables, you will have to install more cables to get a higher speed. However, this is not true for optic fibers. These cables are light and internet speed is not related to the size.

Although, the cost of installing fibernet broadband might be high initially, especially when compared to older copper cables, in the long run, the benefits of fiber broadband will make every penny worth it.

What is the meaning of Upload Speed/Download Speed in an internet connection?
December 2019

Have you ever wondered why you’re able to download things faster than uploading on a web server, for instance, a video on Facebook? This difference in timing happens because your internet download speed is higher than the upload speed. High-speed internet does not always assure a balance between download and upload speed, and if you are wondering what the reason behind it is, here’s why:

What are download and upload speeds?

Broadband download speed means how much data is required per second to download data from a web server in the form of texts, images, videos, etc. to your device. Whereas, upload speed means how many megabits of data per second is needed to send data from your PC to the server or another device.

A regular high-speed broadband connection usually has a faster download speed than upload because most of the activities based on the internet require more substantial download speed than upload speed. However, if you want higher upload speed as well, you can further increase broadband speed by choosing fibernet broadband connections with a proportional download and upload.

Which is more important?

Depending on your online activities, you may choose any one of the best broadband plans that offer either high download speed or upload speed. If you use your broadband internet connection for activities that depend more on download speed such as watching Netflix movies or YouTube videos, then opt for a broadband plan that guarantees a good download speed. Generally, most people require a higher download speed as per their usage.

On the other hand, if you engage in online activities with higher upload bandwidth such as sending emails, video calls, uploading videos on social platforms, then you can choose a high-speed broadband plan that offers a reasonable upload speed.

What speed should I have?

It would help if you always chose a broadband plan that suits your daily data consumption. You can select a policy that offers a speed of 4-6Mbps if you want to share audio and video files without any interruption.

If you are a gamer, 6-10 Mbps is the preferred speed. Business professionals usually opt for a broadband internet connection that offers a speed up to 50 Mbps to enable multitasking among employees and better internet connectivity on different devices.

How to check your internet speed?

There are many free internet speed test tools available online. To check the download speed on your connection, you will need to download a file of a specific size from the test server to your PC, and the test tool will measure the total time taken to make the transfer. Similarly, upload speed is measured by uploading a file from your computer to the test server and measuring the time taken to complete the same.

If your internet speed is slower than what was guaranteed by the service provider, you can check out a few simple hacks to improve your broadband connection here, or maybe contact the internet service provider.

How to secure your broadband connection?
December 2019

Whether you are using your smartphone, tablet, desktop or even smart TV, an internet connection is vital. Did you know that your Broadband WiFi connection signals are not only limited to the walls of our homes and offices? WiFi signals are broadcasted out into the streets and cybercriminals are in a constant lookout to access a free broadband internet connection. It is always better to secure broadband connection and to stay safe from the illegal and fraudulent activities that take place over the internet.

Follow these few easy steps to stay safe and maintain a secure WiFi connection:

  • Encrypt your WiFi connection:

    For a stable internet connection, you should encrypt your WiFi access points, so that only designated people can use your internet connection. There are a few standard types of protection in-built in a WiFi router including WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), which is rudimentary encryption and is least secure, WPA (WiFi Protected Access) and WPA2. WPA is the most used encryption, suitable for homes and office spaces where the residents or the employees can have access to the network through a shared password key.

  • Pay attention to your password:

    While setting up a secure WiFi connection, do not forget to enter a long password which is random and hard to guess. Also, please change the default username and password of the new WiFi router as soon as you start using it to reduce the risk of being hacked and maintain a secure broadband network.

  • Hide your SSID:

    You can further maintain a secure WiFi connection by restricting its visibility to your family members or employees. The Service Set Identifier (SSID) also referred to as the network name, can be set to ‘hidden’ so that strangers cannot trace it, and only those who know the name of the network can get connected to it.

  • Set up MAC authentication:

    Just like every laptop and mobile device has a specific IP address, they also have a unique MAC address. To secure internet connection, you should add the MAC addresses of all your devices to WiFi router’s settings. This way, only those devices whose MAC address you have added to the router can access your broadband WiFi connection.

  • Limit the range of the wireless signal:

    If you are using your WiFi for a smaller area, whether at your residence or office, you can limit the scope of the WiFi signal by switching the router from 802.11b or 802.11n to 802.11g. Another way to physically secure WiFi router signals is by painting your room with WiFi blocking paint. The paint contains chemicals that absorb WiFi signals, thereby not allowing them to penetrate beyond the walls.

These simple steps can help add layers of protection to your broadband internet connection. They can also help you control the access for your broadband connection so that hackers do not abuse your internet and you get the best deal out of your internet package.

How to fix the common issues of your Broadband Connection?
December 2019

Are you frustrated by various issues related to your broadband connection? Do you quite often come across an unresponsive webpage, higher page loading time and excessive lagging while video streaming or gaming? There might be a high possibility that your broadband connection requires troubleshooting.

However, before you contact your service provider, follow these easy tips for fixing your broadband internet connection:

  • Check the cables and the extensions:

    One of the easiest ways for broadband troubleshooting is to check if all the wires connected to your router and Ethernet Ports are undamaged and are in place. Check the wires outside your home as well, since the weather or even overeager birds or other animals might damage the cables, affecting your internet connection.

  • Power cycling and decoding the blinking lights:

    You can fix broadband connection through power cycling as well. Power cycling means disconnecting the cables from the primary power source, waiting until the router has undergone the usual boot-up sequence and then plugging the wires in again. There is a higher chance for your broadband connection to start working after power cycling.

    Also, check the light indicators on your modem or router. If, after plugging in a few lights are flashing or not glowing, then it might indicate that there is no internet connectivity or that the WiFi button is turned off on the modem.

  • Check the micro-Filter:

    Another option If you face an issue of broadband not connecting to the internet is checking the micro-filter that connects to devices such as telephone, fax, and modem that might interrupt the flow of the internet. Disconnect each of the devices from the micro-filter and try reconnecting them one at a time. Remember to check your broadband connection every time you connect new equipment.

  • Scan for Viruses:

    Apart from damaging your computer, viruses can affect your broadband connection as well. Your broadband connection might get infected with malicious spyware present on your PCs which, in turn, will affect your browser’s performance and surfing speed. It would be best if you scanned your computer regularly to avoid damage from viruses.

  • Check your Data Pack:

    One of the everyday situations of broadband not connecting to the internet is when you have used all your data or subscribed to a pack that provides a slower connection. Visit your service provider’s website and check the data usage history. If you are still experiencing a slower connection than what was promised by the provider, then contact the operator.

  • Update your Firmware:

    Firmware is software in your router or a modem which needs to be installed in your PC before you start using the internet. If you face an issue of broadband not working, then you might try reinstalling or updating the firmware.

If you still face problems troubleshooting your broadband internet connection even after trying these tips, you should contact your service provider. The problem could be at their end and solving it might require replacing or adding new equipment.

3 easy ways to pay your Hathway broadband bill
Feburary 2020

We have made your Hathway broadband bill payment a breeze. With secure technology and various methods you can easily pay for your broadband connection for hassle-free and uninterrupted service. Here, we have listed down ways for you to recharge your broadband connection:

Simply click http://www.hathway.com/Broadband/BroadbandPaymentOptions

  • Online Payment: Make a Broadband online payment by simply clicking http://payonline.hathway.com/HathwayPG/QuickBill/QuickBill.html

  • Collection box: Deposit the cheque at your nearest Hathway Drop box / Relationship centres between 10am- 6pm between Monday to Friday. For the list of locations simply click http://www.hathway.com/Broadband/BroadbandPaymentOptions

  • Payment pick-up at door step: You could make the request by clicking on "Cheque Pick up" at http://www.hathway.com/Broadband/BroadbandPaymentOptions.

  • Alternatively, you can send an SMS by typing ISP_Renew Acc No to 575759. We shall send a collection executive to collect the payment. A charge of Rs.100 + taxes will be levied for the pick-up.

Apart from the above you may pay your broadband bill online via various third party trusted portals. These days there are many options available for your convenience.Also, you may pay bills online on our bill payment portal using your credit card or by using net banking safely. Once you go on our website you can easily click on the box which will take you to the enter details page where you can choose to feed in your account number or registered mobile number along with a CAPTCHA code for security reasons, next you need to simply click on the submit button to pay your broadband bill.Earlier people were a little hesitant to pay bills online, but now as times and technology has changed people are paying all kinds of bills online. The online payment trend has become prevalent due to its many benefits. First and foremost when you pay your broadband bill online you save money both on postage and late fee along with time. Broadband recharge online is much safer than snail-mail method. Your personal information is much more vulnerable to theft when on paper and physically moving. Apart from this when you pay your broadband bill online using your credit or debit cards you get many offers and cashback opportunities.

We recommend that you take full advantage of the digital methods of payment and make your broadband bill payment a cakewalk while availing the best advantages.

Choosing your router as per your Broadband Plan: Things to keep in mind 
Feburary 2020

A broadband router is a central node of your home network. It either connects directly to the network cable or through a modem. The modem then acts as a medium through which all inbound and outbound traffic is passed. Your WIFI router for broadband also acts as first line of security in protecting your home network from malicious online attacks.

Speed is crucial when it comes to choosing your router for home broadband. If the router transmits data too slow then you will experience lag, your broadband WIFI router specifications should match your broadband speed. The speed of your broadband depends on what type of data you use and how you use it.

For example if you need to transfer or download huge files or stream movies and videos you will need higher speed. Also broadband speed is heavily dependent on the number of people who are using the broadband at your home.

No let’s understand broadband WIFI router speeds and how it affects your home broadband. The speed of your router for home broadband depends on the router’s bandwidth. Both bandwidth and speed are interchangeable terms which technically mean the same thing. Broadband routers can have different speeds ranging from 150 mbps, 300mbps to 1900mbps. However, your actual internet speed is determined by your Internet Service Provider where the speed of the router has little role to play in the speed you receive. The actual role of high-speed routers is in managing the flow of data and creating the network where you can enjoy interruption-free streaming of videos, music and file transfer.

Routers are essential in establishing your network security as well. The router is the first line of defence when it comes to hackers and malicious activities on your network. Different routers use different protocols for security such as WEP, WPA and WPA 2. Out of the three WPA2 security protocol is the best and most modern routers offer it, routers come in handy if you wish to block some websites or content from getting accessed by anyone at home.

Antennas of the broadband router are very important and they help transmit data. Most routers have an internal antenna, however broadband WIFI routers with external antennas are able to transfer data easily from one part of the room to another. Hathway broadband is one of the few service providers that gives its customers a top notch router along with their subscription absolutely free.

An important thing to note is that there are multiple appliances at your home that might create disturbances if kept near the high-speed broadband router as their frequencies are same. To avoid this you must choose dual-band routers that allow connections at frequencies exceeding 5GHz.

Relocating to a new house? Things to keep in mind before transferring your broadband connection
Feburary 2020

Home re-locations are an important part of our lives. But when we change our home our broadband connection should not suffer. Relocating Hathway broadband connection is very easy and hassle-free. We have listed down a few steps that you just need to follow to successfully shift your Hathway broadband connection to a new address.

Contact customer care on the number provided to you and make a shifting request. Share all your details and the new home address with our representative. We will first confirm if we are operative in and around your new address and if it is feasible to accept your broadband shifting request. Post that we will get back to you within 7-10 working days. Our customer care number as per your city is provided on our website.

Although the above are the main points for anyone but there are certain other factors also that you should consider before you plan to relocate broadband connection. You must always compare between various service providers and local connections and see which one is the best suited for your everyday use. Today, there are so many different brands and data providers each selling something different, unique offer or price. We suggest you consider all points that are required for you to make an informed choice.

The next thing in the list would be the speed of the broadband connection. Again, there are multiple options available when it comes to data speed. Download speed on broadband internet can range from as low as 2mbps and can go up to 1 GB. So deciding what speed whether you want a fibre optic connection or not is important.

A plan that offers speed up to 50 mbps is great for a household that requires streaming videos, entertainment, games and download of large files. Sometimes having many options can confuse us all, that’s why we recommend that you use any of the available online broadband speed checking portals. This way you will get to know what speed you are at currently and how much of a boost you really need. Also, it’s always better to do a comparison before settling for something.

Lastly, if you observe today majority of broadband packages are unlimited, which means one can download as much data without hitting a cap. So, if your home uses limited data just for basic browsing and no online gaming or watching videos, it’s beneficial to invest in a plan that’s cheaper and offer a caped data package.

What is fair usage policy and benefits?
Feburary 2020

If you are considering getting a broadband connection, do make sure that you check the fair usage policy or FUP. There are certain broadband services in India that do not have FUP.

You should make it a point that you check the Fair Usage Policy and other benefits of broadband.

So, what does Fair Usage Policy mean?

In simple words FUP means that even though you may have subscribed to an unlimited broadband data plan, due to your usage being high if your data crosses a certain cap as decided by the broadband provider your connection speed will get reduced for the rest of the month. 

Broadband traffic management

If you are streaming a lot of HD videos, downloading and uploading large files you could be slowing down other people’s data speed and broadband connections. Therefore, if your home broadband is constantly affecting other users, your network provider may restrict your connection during peak times. 

This is called traffic management and network providers use this during peak hours so that all users have a consistent experience. 

To manage your data needs you should keep a check on how much data you have consumed and even before you go ahead and choose a plan for yourself you should consider referring to online broadband usage calculators. You can find numerous broadband usage calculators online that are simple to use and prove to be very beneficial in helping you understand your data needs. 

You can find Hathway broadband data usage details on our website under the broadband section. We have listed everything clearly along with the Fair Usage Policy. Hathway’s broadband plans are designed so that our customers avail the maximum advantage even in peak hours. 

Today, broadband internet has become our lifeline and people are choosing broadband internet as compared to dial up for many reasons. Broadband connection is up to 100 times faster than dial up connection. You can download large data, movies, files and pictures within seconds and minutes. 

Today youngsters are drawn towards online gaming. Modern high speed gaming is possible on broadband internet only.

Broadband internet does not affect the phone line. You are connected through cable while using broadband therefore your phone is not preoccupied while using broadband internet. One of the best advantages of broadband is that it gives you high-speed internet along with cheap phone services via VoIP technology. 

Today, due to many advantages of using broadband internet connection everyone is opting for it. Broadband internet can be kept connected continuously without attracting any additional charges. Therefore, this avoids frequent dialing or logging on to the service provider’s service while accessing the internet. 

Will additional devices slow down the internet connection?
Feburary 2020

Having additional devices connected to broadband internet does not slow down internet speed. However, when more devices are transferring data over the internet WIFI speed does slow down. This happens because the router can only transfer and manage a fixed amount of data per second and that data is shared with all users and devices. 

If you plan to connect more devices to your broadband connection here are a few tips you can follow to speed up your data and connection.

As your devices increase you wonder how to improve your internet speed?

  • As your devices go up in number the first and foremost thing you should do is to check your internet speed. There are a number of online portals that check your internet speed and show you the details of download speed, upload speed and ping rate. Once you are clear about the above, you can then think about how to improve your internet speed.

  • The biggest reason for slow internet speed is an outdated modem. Consider upgrading to the latest broadband modem which offers you maximum speed and network security as well. An easy way to boost your internet speed is to place the modem at a centralised location in your home. Most people place their routers at one corner of the house and that leads to limited signal reach. In addition to the above you may also consider getting a WIFI signal extender that can help you increase the speed of your broadband internet. 

  • Next thing you can do is scan for any potential viruses that may be slowing your broadband speed down. Sometimes malware and viruses can limit the power of your resources and slow your broadband speed down. Checking for viruses will definitely help improve your broadband internet connection’s speed. 

Check for external interference

Today, most of us have iPhones, iPads, sound systems and at least one other form of electronic device around our broadband modems. By removing any electromagnetic interference caused due to the above devices you can truly speed up your internet connection. 

Apart from the above if you still wonder how to boost your internet speed, simply plug in Wireless WIFI. However, it’s just a little bit slower than plugging into your modem, if you’re using your desktop then we definitely recommend plugging directly into the modem. 

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