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HD Personal Video Recorder (HD PVR)

HD picture quality with Dolby digital surround sound will make your viewing experience more enjoyable than ever. Take complete control of your TV with 625 hours of real time HD recording. You can Rewind Forward and Pause favourite shows at your convenience.

Get 1 month free subscription of SD premium + HD channels along with the box for just

` 7,999

HD Personal Video Recorder

Features of HD PVR

  • HD Recording
  • 500GB HDD
  • 1080i Resolution
  • Rewind Forward Pause
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Series Recording
  • 3D Ready
  • Search
HD Recording India


Hathway HD Cable

` 2,050

Mind blowing picture clarity with the highest possible resolution which makes it 5 times sharper than the standard definition. Get more from it with 3D content enabled and a 16:9 wide screen viewing experience.

Features of Hathway HD

Hathway SD

HD Set Top Box
  • Compatible to tune 500 channels
  • DVD Quality Picture & Stereophonic Sound
  • Electronic Programme Guide
  • Programme Synopsis
  • Parental Lock
  • Dual Language Selection Option
  • Favorite Channel
  • Block Channels
  • Radio Services
  • Interactive Services

Set Top Box Hardware Schemes

Hardware Upfront Amount Security Deposit Rental PM Refund on Termination
Rental (3 Years)
Rs 400/-
Rs 800/-
Rs 55.66/-
Rs 50.66/-
Security deposit will be refunded after 3 years or on surrender of STB within 3 years.
Hire Purchase (3 Years)
Rs 400/-
Rs 800/-
Rs 46.80/-
Rs 32.93/-
The Security deposit gets adjusted over 3 years. If the STB is surrendered within 3 years, the unadjusted portion of security deposit will get refunded.
One Time Activation (SD) Rs 1280/- 0 0 No Refund
One Time Activation (HD) Rs 2050/- 0 0 No Refund
One Time Activation (HD-PVR) Rs 7999/- 0 0 No Refund